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If you have been enjoying my free daily commentary, then I think you will enjoy the subscription version of The Market Chronicle. Using my 30 years of experience (beginning at the age of 16) of following the stock market I will help guide you and teach you what is happening daily in the market and interpret it through written, video, and audio commentaries daily. 

Using a unique approach that combines technical, fundamental, and options market analysis, I dissect the market daily to provide insights available nowhere else. 

I started working as an intern at 18, in the late 1990s, and have real-world experience navigating the technology boom and bust and the 2008-09 financial crisis.

I honed my skills over the years as a buy-side trader of domestic and international equities for ten years. This experience, along with the mentors I encountered along the way has given me a unique perspective on how the market functions and how these mechanical forces impact daily trading. Now I use those lessons to be a mentor myself. Providing guidance and technical coaching at a fraction of the typical costs for those services. 

I offer an unprecedented level of access to my financial opinions, including two live zoom Q&A sessions and FOMC coverage, as well a daily written commentary that comes with a video or podcast.

What is The Market Chronicle?

The Market Chronicle is where I identify macro trends likely to influence the stock market: I utilize economic data and macroeconomic forces to forecast the potential directions of interest rates, the value of the dollar, and the movements of commodity markets, along with their possible impacts on stocks.

The relationships between these variables are more crucial than ever when making short and long-term trading or investment decisions. The Market Chronicle is where I share my understanding of these interactions and teach my community how to use that understanding to inform investment decisions on both time horizons. I also provide systematic and options-related materials that offer further insight into market dynamics. 

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Michael Kramer is a financial market strategist and the portfolio manager of the Mott Capital Thematic Growth Portfolio.